Good Morning and Welcome to JennyMonkey

Jennifer Breed

Hi there,

I've been around for  while. I've sold on ebay since 2007. It's been ride of a life since then. I was Monkey House over there. It started with a partner and then I did it alone for years after that. I look back those early times with complicated love. And while the Monkey House, has meant so,so much to me, I've needed to bring something to my business that was more just 'Me', More personal. More about today.

So welcome to JennyMonkey. That's who I am, Jenny. With so many other new endeavors, I'm now changing the items I offer. I want to focus on unique and special pieces crafted by true artist; beautiful jewelry and other fine items. I want you to know something about the innovative artists who make these special pieces. 

And I want this store to be a personal experience. I want you to know who you are buying from. I want you to feel welcome here. It may seem an unusual approach, but I will share my life along with my offerings, but to be the real me, I can't imagine this any other way.

I will share the good and the very difficult. I want to share the special moments, and help normalize talking about the awful. I have PTSD. It has been treatment resistant. The trauma was deep. I am going through a very scary but hopefully strong phase where I am confronting the source of my trauma, with much much support from loved ones who believe me and want to make my voice louder.  PTSD affects every moment of my life and is a true disability with unbelieveably difficult symptoms. And so this store will build in stops and starts based on my strength, based on my safety form day to day. Help me to celebrate each accomplishment, each new step. Like writing the blog, and having the energy today to keep typing. And let's find ways for you to share yours too. There is power in that.

I will show off my new listings here as they come as well. I'm presenting them in  way that feels personal to me and I work hard to create photographs that bring out some nuance tot show each piece's unique character. Thank you so much for visiting. For perhaps your curiosity and your appreciation for these amazin artists as well. 

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  • Jenny, thanks for the quick shipping of the Creek Bed Maple journal. I like it a lot. do you have any suggestions for maintaining, waxing etc. Thanks. Bob

    Robert Reilly

  • FISKARS HAND PUNCH cushion comfort ergonomic “soft grip” paper hole CHOOSE SHAPE

    I see you sell these. Would these cut through plastic such as the thickness of a drivers license or business ID

    Chris Kusnerick

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